Two Year Anniversary of Painted Desert Gallery

The Two Year Anniversary Exhibition at Painted Desert Gallery was very inspiring.  There was huge crowds all night and of course most of the artists were there to talk about their art or just hang out.  Knowing that art can attract such crowds, it is a great motivator to get started on a new series or a chain of new paintings.

 I got great feedback on my newest piece, Fear of Merging on Freeways, which was on display at the opening last night.  I  still feel like it is a piece that I haven't quite finished yet.  However, having the exhibition pushed me to get it to a point of closure.  I think as an artist it is hard to know when a piece is finished and getting feedback is the best tool.

A trip to Florida next week and having time to indulge in my painting might be a great asset to starting some new pieces or even finishing some that were started. I am going to drag my paints, canvas, solvent, palette, brushes and perhaps an easel on vacation. I feel like that I am motivated, I might as well take advantage of any time I have and create and imagine.

A special thanks to all the artists who showed at Painted Desert Gallery this month. You all inspire me.


A 16 Pound Rabbit for the 16 Pound Rabbit Show

So I am part of this artist collective, 16 Pound Rabbit. We will be having a show in September at Painted Desert Gallery.  I'm pretty excited about it but haven't really begun do prepare for the show.  We will be exhibiting rabbits that we have assembled out of various material that weigh exactly 16 pounds. I have been finishing up a painting for a show in August I am part of. It is a project that is more involved and a medium I am not used to.  Looks like I'll be cutting down to the wire.

Photos as they progress..


A Father/Daughter Collaborative Show

There will be an opening reception at Painted Desert Gallery for Will and Maggie Mowery's show The Corner of Prince and Queen tomorrow night from 5 to 9pm. Their exhibit includes four collaborative paintings of places on Prince Street and Queen Street in downtown Lancaster. There will also be other collaborative work as well as individual works.


June show at Painted Desert Gallery

Painted Desert Gallery will be starting up again in June with the premier of AJ Nutter's film score written for Alfred Hitchcock's classic, The Birds.  The film will be shown accompanied by Nutter's music.  This will take place Friday June 3rd only. The first screening starts at 5:30 with the second starting at 7:40.  The gallery will be provide limited seating for those who wish to stay for the full film and standing room for those who wish to briefly stop by and check it out. Nutter will also have his Birds series of photographs on display as well as a video installation he shot last fall.


Studio Visit Magazine, Volume 14

i just received my complimentary copy of 'Studio Visit' magazine, in which i have a full page spread. basically this magazine is for art galleries and art curators to find artists to represent. very exciting!


another tropical endeavor

as i do every year, i am taking a trip down to florida.  this time it will be more about creating art than anything. i don't have any plans other than to sit at the beach and sketch for 10 days.

hoping to have some finished pieces by the end of the trip!


newest painting

latest, greatest painting to date.